After the independent research and development in our HBT series concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, truck mounted concrete mixer pump, we have developed the truck mounted concrete mixer pump with boom which is more suitable for small and medium sized concrete site casting projects. Concrete boom pump gathers functions of mixing, transporting and placing concretes. It owns full hydraulic placing system, equipped with a wireless remote control, safe and convenient, pumping efficiency.
A high degree of automation equipment, one person can operate, save labor costs. With high and low pressure switch, high outlet pressure, our mixer boom pump can meet strict requirements for long distance delivery of high quality concretes, pumping the vertical height of 20 meters. It's the new and ideal equipment for rural construction, high-speed rail, Bridges, tunnels, airports, ports and other projects.
Till now, we have two models can be selected, that's R6-21 and R6-28.

Technical Parameters


Measure Unit



Max.Theor.Concrete Output m³/h 40 40
Concrete Pumping Pressure Mpa 10 12
Power system / diesel engine diesel engine
Power rate Kw 70 70
Diameter of Pump exit mm 180 180
Distribution valve / S valve S valve
Max.height of placing boom m 21 28
Hydraulic system / opened type opened type
Overall dimension(L*W*H) mm 9800X2550X3950 9800X2550X3950
Max.pith / %30max %30max
Total weight Kg 18000 23000

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