1.Electronic control system
Electronic System is highly automated and reliable.And the major electrical devices are from Schneider.
The electronic control system is equipped with two kinds of control device:board control device and wireless remote control device,which are with the Features of easy operation,user-friendly ergonomics,and nice appearance.There into,the wireless remote control devices are Apollo wireless remote control devices.
The electronic control system is equipped with several warning devices which can ensure high safety during machinery working.
2.Boom System
Boom system is based on accurate data form the finite element analysis,dynamic analysis and test.
Boom system is produced with imported high-strength low-titanium alloy steel.All material and its welds pass the 100% nondestructive inspection to ensure the safety and reliability of boom.
The boom is equipped with control system with functions of pressure compensation and load sensing.And the R-shaped boom can be adjusted in five grades of speed.So the boom can run in proper speed and can be perfectly operated.
3.Transfer case system
Transfer case is the device which distributes the engine power.It can transfer the power form the engine on chassis so that the power from additional engine can be taken place of,and energy can be saved utilized efficiently.
Designed with finite element analysis,the hopper is thick,strong,and in dimension stability.As a result,the service life of the concrete pump and piston can be prolonged.
The arc-shaped design of hopper can avoid blind corners.As a result,its performance of the concrete transferring can be improved,and the frequency of concrete blocking-up can be reduced.
Stirring shaft and S-shaped outlet and small end assembly are double-sealing structured,to prevent the components from corroded and abraded by cement paste.
5.Multi-way valve device
The best loading-sensing multi-way values are used to improve the stability during the boom operating.

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